What is the meaning of this?

“Making meaning is good.  Doing meaningful things is better.”  I read this quote by Peter Johnston on Ann Marie Corgill’s recent Face Book page and I’ve been thinking about it ever since.  It’s a little sad that we have to be reminded to do meaningful things with our students.  We wouldn’t have to be reminded of this with our own personal kids, so why should school be so different?

Well…it’s school!  We’re there to teach them what we think is meaningful, right?  We can’t just let a bunch of five or ten or fifteen year olds choose what’s meaningful, can we?

I’ve been thinking about my son’s learning, watching him grow into a seven year-old who really likes to write and I think: he likes to write because he understands what it’s for.  He uses writing as a tool to communicate.  When he wants to tell a funny story, he writes it.  When he wants to express his feelings, he writes a poem.  When he wants to plan or explain how to do something, he makes a list.  He writes because it means something to him to have his voice heard in the world.

We need more of this in school.  But what would that look like?

If I want to organize my teaching life around providing meaningful activities for kids, I have to start with the kids themselves.  I have to find out what matters to each and every one of them.  And then figure out how can I make sure that each one gets a chance to read about it, write about it, build it, make it, think it, do it, live it, in school.

I recently attended a middle school performance of Beauty and the Beast that was so heartfelt it brought tears to my eyes.  When the assistant principal introduced the play, he said, “This is what school is about: finding what you love to do and then giving it your all.”

This is what we, as adults strive for every day.  We strive to “do meaningful things.”  We strive to find something we love.  Why should school should be any different?

One thought on “What is the meaning of this?

  1. You don’t know what you’re going to say until you write it. The writing clarifies your thoughts.You are doing such a good job with that boy.