Top Eight Reasons Teachers Should Not Be Armed

It’s hard to believe this debate is going on right now.  Unthinkable.  Here’s why.

1. Hm, let’s see…teachers are now armed…where’s the gun?  (Can’t you just see some crazy person–disgruntled teenager, angry intruder, whoever, trying to figure this one out and succeeding?)

2.  All our professional development time and money would be spent on the shooting range instead of on The Common Core.

3.  Schools are notorious for having stuff that breaks and takes months to get fixed.  What happens if the lock on your gun cabinet gets broken?  Where do you store the gun?  In the art cubbies?

4. People who own guns tend to USE them.  Seriously, a couple bad write-ups could send any one of us over the edge.

5.  Guns are very inconvenient.  Think how you’d feel strapping one on over the leggings and trying to conceal it from 5 year-olds who are always patting, touching, and grabbing.

6. I would never feel safe carrying a gun, would you?  I’d be so worried I’d shoot myself in the thigh or other important body part, that I wouldn’t be able to concentrate.

7. I wouldn’t feel safe having a gun in my classroom.  Kids are really good at finding things you don’t want them to have.

8. Teachers have enough to think about, without having to carry a loaded weapon. You’re already spending a ton of extra time on anti-bullying, drug awareness, AIDS education, etc., etc., etc.  What’s next?  Gun Safety for the Elementary School?

Let’s get real.  We’re trained to educate and to be good role models for kids and society in general.  Please don’t ask us to carry guns.



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