School Brochure

Nicole and Cindy, two third grade teachers in Bogota, NJ are at it again!  They’ve come up with a great way to connect social studies and writing.  This year, third grade is studying economics.  So Nicole and Cindy thought, why not teach students about how our taxes work?  They made a connection between schools and people paying taxes in the community and, voila!  The idea for a school brochure was born.  In the brochure, students describe many aspects of the school–the garden, the computer room, and the gym, among others.  The students also describe their wonderful teachers.  The brochures are displayed in the office, encouraging visitors to enroll in the school.  Students understand that higher enrollment leads to more families paying taxes, more money going into schools and the economic cycle continues.  (Notice what the kids do in the garden?)

6 thoughts on “School Brochure

  1. I didn’t notice at first but they’re taking their notebooks to the garden to write about it.School wasn’t this fun when I was young.

  2. The brochures have been a big success! They even put a few up at the Board of Ed office. The children really enjoyed doing it and having people recognize their work.
    Nan M., We bring the children to the garden often. It is a great space to read and write. Last spring baby bunnies were born in the garden. What wonderful stories evolved from that!
    Thanks for posting this Constance