Here in the northeast we’re digging out from the worst storm to ever hit our region.  My house wasn’t hurt, but a lot of places around us were.  Death, property destroyed, long periods of time without power, and a serious gas shortage.  Our schools were closed for the week, and we don’t know yet about next week.  So what do I tell my seven year-old son when he asks what’s going on?  And he wants to know why?  Of course, I don’t know why.  But what I’m trying to teach my son is that this is an opportunity.  An opportunity to help others.  Last year we were hurt by Irene, flooded beyond belief.  The biggest help we received came from individuals–the neighbor who pumped out the basement, the neighbor who helped us clear out the basement, the neighbors who babysat, those who loaned us tools and showed us how to use them.  Individuals.  So that’s what I tell him–we can help one person, or one family and just keep doing that over and over till we all recover.

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