Real Kids, Real Writing

I just spent two weeks teaching in Trenton, NJ.  I had a ball with some excellent K-2 teachers.  (Thanks, you guys!)  The thread that ran through the two weeks was doing meaningful activities with kids.  We came up with the following list to remind ourselves that all writers (and especially little kids) need a purpose for their writing.  

Real World Purposes for Writing

    • Invitations to parties, events
    • Birthday Cards, Thank You cards, “I’m Sorry” cards, “I Miss You” cards, Holiday Cards
    • Letters to express your feelings
    • Signs for the classroom/school (something is lost, found, broken, new, going on in your class)
    • Signs that explain your work in centers (i.e. a sign to let everyone know you built a bridge in the block center)
    • Telling a story about something interesting that happened to you
    • Writing a story for someone you love
    • Writing a poem for someone you love
    • Writing to get your feelings out
    • Writing that shows what you know about a topic
    • Teaching somebody how to do something
    • Making lists for planning or remembering things
    • Writing to express how much you love (or hate) something
    • Writing to recommend a place, movie, book
    • Writing to discover what you really think
    • Writing to discover what you’re trying to say
    • Writing to make your voice heard in the world!

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