Don’t Dilly Dally!

When Nicole Crumlich, a Kindergarten teacher in Glen Cove, NY noticed that her students were wasting precious writing moments, it was time to do a minilesson on dilly-dallyers.  In Nicole’s lesson she explained what it meant to dilly dally and why it was not a good idea to do it.   Then (this is the piece I love) she modeled what it would look like to dilly dally BEFORE, DURING and AFTER writing.  Here’s what it looked like: Before: you go to your seat, slowly open your folder, don’t take out your piece of writing right away.  During: playing with your pencil, “pretending” you can’t see a word on the word wall so you have to get up and walk over to it and hang out by it for awhile, even though your seat is right next to the word wall!  After: when it’s time to clean up, you don’t put your paper away quickly, you hang out by the folder bin, but don’t put your folder away because you want yours on the top!  And you don’t come to the carpet to share quickly.  The kids all laughed when Nicole demonstrated each of these (probably laughs of self-recognition).  The kids are taking writing time much more seriously now and they love to tell each other, “Don’t dilly dally!”

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