Crayons vs. Pencils?

I was in Lebanon Township, NJ doing a demo lesson in Marybeth Pupa’s Kindergarten class yesterday.  Since the kids were making books, Marybeth put out the pencils and crayons.  Some kids used pencils, then added with crayons.  Some used pencils and never picked up the crayons.  Some stuck to crayons and could not be convinced to use a pencil.  There was a discussion afterwards about what’s “right,” pencils or crayons?  Would kids write more if they had only pencils?  Would they refuse to write if they couldn’t use crayons?  Marybeth’s thinking is this: they’re five.  Some of them just turned five.  They’re learning how to be in school.  She wants them to LOVE school and to love writing time.  And if crayons will help them do that, she’s all for it.  I agree.  My belief is that they’ll all get there (wherever there is) especially with such a thoughtful, loving teacher guiding them.  For lots of K kids, the drawing IS writing.  So it all goes together anyway.  Let them have fun.  The letters and written words will surely come.