New Jokes

Today’s blog was written by my eight year-old son Ari.  I think joke-writing should be a new standard when people get real and revise the Common Core.  What do you think?  

What is the softest drink?  A smoothie.

Where do bad guys go shopping? The Darth Maul.

What do you call a lot of clams on the run? A clampede.

What is a policeman’s favorite color?  Copper.

What did the iphone say to the ipad?  Can itouch you?

Where do cowboy trees hang out?  The branch.



Joking Around

Today’s post was written by seven year-old Ari Barmak.  He’s trying his hand at writing a joke book.

Why does SpongeBob love the piano?  He’s sharp at it.

Why does SpongeBob love the piano keys?  He’ll get an A for playing.

What do you call SpongeBob when he’s scaring crows?  A squarecrow.

What is the most confused Star Wars ship?  The Why-Wing.

What did the radio say when it got too hot?  Turn down the beat.

Ari would love to hear your comments!