The Blubber Mitten

No, it’s not a fat busting device, ladies.  The blubber mitten is part of an experiment.  Marybeth Pupa, a teacher at Valley View Elementary School in New Lebanon Township, NJ, shares this with us.  The Blubber Mitten Experiment is done with this question in mind: Does blubber keep polar animals warm?  The procedure is as follows: Spread Crisco on the inside the walls of a quart sized ziploc bag.  Then place another quart size bag inside this one, so the Crisco is covered by the bag.  Place water and ice in a large bowl.  Ask your students to hold one hand in the ice water.  Then have them wear the blubber mitten on the other hand and place it into the water.  Which hand is warmer?  Do we think blubber keeps polar animals warm?  Yes!!  Kids love doing the experiment.  Makes a great how-to, as well.