Don’t you just love when your school hosts a holiday boutique?  You send the kiddies in with your hard earned cash and they get to spend an hour of school time shopping for things like velvet rose tipped pens, and plastic coffee mugs?  Yeah, me neither.

I was really happy this year when the PTA at my son’s school decided NOT to do the boutique, but opted to have the kids MAKE stuff instead.  And they did it after school so the kids wouldn’t be rushed.  My son went and loved it.  He even got to choose what to make!  All week parent volunteers worked the tables–some kids made necklaces, some made bookmarks, others made picture frames.  I heard the turnout was great.

Thank you, Cranford, NJ PTA!

Gift Idea?

Love Book

Love Book

I’m the kind of person who likes to make gifts.  Except I’m not very talented.  I don’t knit or sew or paint.  Even my baking is a little hurtin.  Some of my gifts are bigger hits than others.  The shells I collected and arranged in a vase for a college boyfriend didn’t go over as well as this–the Love Book.  So just what is a Love Book? It’s actually a list of things you love about the person you’re giving the gift to.  It doesn’t have to be a book–you can make a simple list, or poster.  I’ve made three so far for my husband.   (It definitely beats snails in a jar.)

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