Help! My Bulletin Board is Bare!

Don’t stress over your beginning of the year bulletin board.  It’s supposed to be empty. (Till your students make something).  When you do put up some kid work, make it simple.  And make it interesting to read.  Here’s one of my favorite ideas.  I saw this outside Steve Mahalic’s second grade class in Glen Cove, New York.  He posted a big sign that said, “Why Is Reading So Important?”  Then he invited his new students to respond.  Here are some sample answers:

If you can’t read your diary, you won’t know what you wrote.

Reading is important because you can learn things and get smarter.

Reading food labels is important because you should always read the calories first and then you can make it.

Reading is important because if you are going to Six Flags and you don’t know how to read a map you are not going to get there.

You can do similar bulletin boards for writing, math…any subject, really.  It will get your kids thinking and it makes a good read for people passing by.