Catching What?

Guess what I did last night for “homework”?  Made a trap for a leprechaun.  I love my son’s teacher.  Really, I do.  But I just can’t fathom the reason for this creation.  I’m not against leprechauns.  And I’m not against building.  I just wonder if it’s teaching my son all the wrong things.  His first ideas for capturing the little Irish all involved guns.  Then dynamite.  I had to explain to him that the zero tolerance rules at school are really starting to kick in and that kids are getting thrown out for even saying the word gun.  But truthfully?  Is catching something and holding it hostage any better?  My son thinks leprechauns are real and that one might actually end up in the trap.  I said, “Why not the Easter Bunny?  Or Santa?”  The next plans involved ropes and pulleys, like something you’d see on Scooby Doo and I didn’t have the patience (or the knowledge) for any of that.  Finally, Ari came up with the idea to have the leprechaun swing toward a rainbow, then fall into a canyon.  He’s presenting at school tomorrow.  Check out his trap below.  (The leprechaun has to mount the spiky bommy-knocker thing, then swing to his destiny.  Not the rainbow’s end, I can assure you.)


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