Book List

conniesboysWelcome! The following is a list of books I use for reading and/or writing workshop. This list isn’t “the” list of books you should have or use, just some titles I’ve come to know and love over the years. Please check back periodically–I update it whenever I find a new book to love.

bookpicGetting Ideas–Here are some ways writers get ideas followed by a list of picture books that demonstrate:
Writers write about memories
Crews, Donald Shortcut
Crews, Nina One Hot Summer Day
Curtis, Jamie Lee When I Was Little
Gray, Libba Moore My Mama Had a Dancing Heart
Hesse, Karen Come On, Rain!
Rylant, Cynthia When I Was Young in the Mountains

Writers write about special people
Carlson, Nancy It’s Going to Be Perfect
Cisneros, Sandra Hairs/Pelitos
Fisher, Valorie My Big Sister
Fisher, Valorie My Big Brother
Johnson, Angela One of Three
Rylant, Cynthia The Relatives Came
Spinelli, Eileen Night Shift Daddy
Viorst, Judith The Tenth Good Thing About Barney
Ziefert, Harriet Grandpas are for Finding Worms

Writers write about special places
Crews, Donald Bigmama’s
Juster, Norton The Hello, Goodbye Window
MacLachlan, Patricia What You Know First
Perez, Amada Irma My Very Own Room

Writers Capture Moments in Time
Brinckloe, Julie Fireflies
Feiffer, Jules The Daddy Mountain
Johnson, Angela Night Whispers
London, Jonathan Puddles
Worth, Valerie All the Small Poems and Fourteen More
Yolen, Jane Owl Moon

Writers write to give important information
DePaola, Tomi Pancakes for Breakfast
Ehlert, Lois Growing Vegetable Soup
Morris, Ann Vegetable Soup
Crews, Donald Night at the Fair
Hoban, Tana Signs

Writers get ideas from their dreams or imaginations
Child, Lauren I Will Never, Not Ever Eat a Tomato
Johnson, Crockett Harold and the Purple Crayon
Sendak, Maurice Where the Wild Things Are

Writers write about cherished objects
Baylor, Byrd Everybody Needs a Rock
Polacco, Patricia The Keeping Quilt
Rao, S. My Mother’s Sari

Writers are good observers
Barasch, L. A Winter Walk
Brown, Margaret Wise Another Important Book
Brown, Margaret Wise The Important Book
Cooper, Elisha A Good Night Walk
Juster, Norton The Hello, Goodbye Window
Showers, Paul The Listening Walk

Writers write about feelings
Bang, Molly When Sophie Gets Angry–Really, Really Angry…
Vail, Rachel Sometimes I’m Bombaloo

Writers write about first times
Blake, Stephanie I Don’t Want to Go to School

Writers write about their wonderings
Curtis, Jamie Lee Where Do Balloons Go?
Hoban, Tana I Wonder
Lindbergh, R. What is the Sun?
Rosenthal, A. The Wonder Book

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