After Sandy…

Today’s blog was written by third grade teacher, Cindy Piano, of Bogota, NJ.

Today was our first day back after the storm.  I gathered the kids together and we talked about the storm itself but mostly about “What we did after the storm.”  We brain-stormed and made lists of things we did. (played, learned new games, played outside, ATE lots of food, ran out of books to read and library was not open)  Then, we decided to write to our pen pals at Bixby {a nearby school}  (One asked if the hurricane happened at Bixby too!)  They decided to write about the hurricane, describing it  the best they could, wind, creaky house, trees bending, etc.  Some had fires right outside their houses at the transformers!  Then they wrote about what they did during the week when there was no electricity.  After they finish they will share with partners and talk all about their experiences.

It was very scary for them and I thought it was a good way to really get out some of their feelings and be able to share and write at the same time.

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