conniephotohueI work with Pre-K-8 principals, literacy coaches and teachers to build strong balanced literacy programs that inspire students to become excited about reading and writing. I provide demonstration teaching, coaching, workshops and multi-day institutes, customized to your needs.

A teacher since 1987, I’m experienced with second language learners, struggling readers and writers, students who excel and all those in between.

I’m also the author of A Song for Jeffrey andFlying High, Pogo! two middle-grade novels published by American Girl Books.


Needs Assessment:

What are the literacy needs of your school or district? I will visit your building, observing reading and writing instruction, to help you identify areas of strength and need. Together we can map out a plan for moving forward with any component of balanced literacy.

One Day Workshops:

Launching Writing Workshop
Launching Reading Workshop
Meeting the Needs of ALL Writers
Lifting the Quality of Student Writing
Genre Studies in Writing
Using Children’s Books to Teach
Conferring and Small Group Work in Reading
Conferring and Small Group Work in Writing

Demonstration Teaching:

I will model reading or writing lessons for teachers. This is followed by a debriefing session where teachers will have time to ask questions and plan for future teaching.


I will work individually with teachers, coaching them in reading or writing workshop. I can help teachers plan lessons and coach them as they deliver lessons.

Multi-day Institutes:

I customize two to five day workshops for your school or district. These hands-on workshops allow more in-depth instruction, interaction and planning for teachers.