A Peek Inside My Notebook…

I keep a notebook.  I always have.  I love the freedom.  I love the way this kind of writing helps me connect to who I really am.  When I show up at an empty notebook page I never feel intimidated the way I might when I start a blog.  Or when I’m writing fiction.  Lately, I’ve been working a lot, and wondering if it’s too much, because I notice that I haven’t been writing in my notebook.

This summer I’m redoing the exercises from The Artist’s Way (theartistswayatwork.com) (I know this book probably isn’t in vogue anymore, but then again, neither am I.)  All I know is that I can’t wait to get up every morning and write.

Here’s a little peek at something I do often.  I started doing this when life wasn’t so good and I needed a boost most days…

What’s in your notebook?


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