A Joke a Day

Kids are full of all kinds of jokes!  Why not start the day with a joke?  Cindy Piano, 3rd grade teacher in Bogota, New Jersey tells me, “Every morning we stop and take a long cleansing breath after we leave the line-up area.  Then, whoever has a joke, steps to the front of the line to start our morning on a good note.  We have even gotten the 2nd and 4th grades to join us some mornings.  After leaving the noisy gym or maybe having had a rough morning at home, it is nice to breathe and start fresh.”

This joke was overhead in reading workshop (not Cindy’s, though she might want to steal it…)

Text to self connection is when a book reminds me of myself.

Text to text connection is when a book reminds me of another book.

Text to toilet connection is when I bring a book to the bathroom.

At least we know they’re reading!!!

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